New real-time alarm system
against cargo tampering
Easy-to-use security service for global truck transport


If tampering occurs, you will get an instant alarm. This will enable you to

• organise the shipment of replacement goods
• interrupt tampering
• get the exact time and location of the tampering
• reduce work involved in solving the incident
• re-route shipments in high risk areas

Real-time alarm system

The SealHound alarm system sends a real-time alarm, if cargo is being tampered with. It has two components: the SealHound device, which seals and locks a trailer or a container with a non-bypassable optical fibre loop, and the SealHound software, which is used to administer and monitor shipments.

The SealHound alarm system with the unique electronic seal is made for global truck transport.

Sold as a service

We sell the SealHound alarm system as a full service. For a monthly fee, you get one SealHound device, electronic seal, which you can use for locking time after time on a variety of trailer types. You will also gain access to the web-based SealHound software, for administering and monitoring your shipments. Our full service guarantees freedom from charging and maintaining the SealHound device.