SealHound security service –
easy-to-use alarm service against cargo tampering

The SealHound security service is a reliable, portable cargo alarm service for global truck transport. It is a totally new and unique solution against cargo tampering, which is usually only detected after the damage is done. The new SealHound security service sends a real-time alarm as soon as cargo is violated , enabling an instant reaction.

The SealHound device is easily mounted and locked on a variety of trucks, trailers, or containers with no need for electrification or data transmission. Cargo tampering is detected when the optical fibre loop is violated, and a real-time alarm,  with a time and location stamp, is sent to predefined users.

The SealHound security service is  a reliable, easy-to-use and carefree solution for monitoring high-value shipments. The system is based on Finnish high-technology expertise; the SealHound device is non-bypassable (patent pending) and the SealHound software is easy to use, highly secured with encryption, accessible everywhere on a web browser (cloud-based).

• Reliable, easy-to-use, portable
• Carefree, no maintenance
• Non-bypassable electronic seal with optical fibre (patent pending)
• Breakage detection
• Quad-band GSM/GPRS data transfer, encrypted
• GPS for location and time stamp in alarms
• Sold as a service

Create shipment
Seal and lock container or  trailer
If a break-in occurs..
... a real-time alarm is sent