SealHound security service
easy-to-use alarm service against cargo tampering

The SealHound security service consists of the SealHound SaaS software and the SealHound optical device (patent pending).

• The SealHound software is used to administer and monitor the shipments. It is easily accessible using a web browser on a mobile, laptop or computer. Communication is encrypted and authenticated with TLS (SSL), guaranteeing maximum security.

• The SealHound device is non-bypassable due to the optical fibre loop and built-in breakage detectors. It is used to seal and lock trucks, trailers and containers.  In case of violation, the device sends an instant alarm via GSM to predefined users.

SealHound software
SealHound device

• Device dimensions: 180 mm x 135 mm x 35 mm
• Device weight: 450 grams Seal loop length: 500 mm
• Fitting options: with magnet for metal, with rubber hooks for trailer bars
• Communication: Quad-band GSM/GPRS data transfer, encrypted and authenticated with TLS (SSL)
• Database format: SQL, possible to interface with ERP

• Non-bypassable optical fibre seal loop (patent pending)
• Built-in breakage detection sensor
• Cloud-based software for administration, seal loop closing and opening, alarms
• GPS for time and location stamp in alarm

Operation temperature: -40 °C…+70°C
Thermal shock: +20 °C to -40°C in 4 min (five cycles), -40 °C to +20°C in 4 min (five cycles)
Humidity: 100% relative humidity (IP 66)
Ice and frost: -40°C, 30 kPa (IP66)
Rain and snow: 100 l/min, 100 kPa (IP66)
Water high pressure: >100 l/min, >100 kPa with 12,5 mm nozzle or 1000 kPa with 6,5 mm nozzle, 2,5 m distance
Salt fog: 5% NaCL, pH 6,5…7,2, relative humidity 90…95%, +25°C
Sand and dust: Sand: 150…850 µm, 20 m/s, 95% SiO2 silica sand. Dust: 0…75 µm, 3 m/s, 95% SiO2 silica flour
Mechanical shock: 50 G for 11 ms, pulse shape half-sine (ISO 18185-3:2015, fig. 1)
Vibration: 10…150 Hz, 10 m/s2
Drop shock: 1,2 m free fall to steel or concrete
EMC, emission: EN550022
EMC, immunity: EN55024
Lightning strike:  distance 100m, peak current 30 kA, transient magnetic field peak amplitude 50 A/m
Solar radiation: bandwidth 0,28…3,0 µm, irradiation 5…492 W/m2 (ISO 18185-3:2015, table 13)
Safety: Low Voltage Directive, LVD 2014/35/EU
Material: Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) 2011/65/EU, WEEE 2012/19/EU